Thursday, December 06, 2012

United Way of Greater Greensboro - Bench and Bar Society

United Way of Greater Greensboro is pleased to announce the Bench and Bar, a special recognition program to celebrate our long-standing relationship with the Greater Greensboro legal community. 

The group acknowledges those donors who commit to a leadership gift during the annual United Way campaign in Greater Greensboro as well as our key volunteers. 

Creating Change

The Greater Greensboro area legal professionals have a long record of advocating for the betterment of the community. Members will be able to join together and form a direct connection to the issue[s) most relevant to the combined philanthropy of the legal community. The society offers the legal Community a method to collectively show that they support creating an impact in the areas of Health, Income, and Education. This support will come at a Critical time in our community stabilizing programs and initiatives that address both the short and long term health of Greater Greensboro. 

lncentivized Leadership 

In addition to a change and impact oriented agenda, the Bench and Bar celebrates the group‘s 
contributions through a Variety of recognition opportunities and events. They include: 

  • Annual Attorney Event Invitation
  • Listing on Website 
  • Print Ad in Area Publication
  • Bench & Bar Society Membership Certificate

*Members will also receive Cornerstone or Tocqueville incentives, depending on gift amount. 

Joining the Society 

To become a member, an annual leadership level gift is required. There are three levels of giving available for Bench and Bar members:

(1) Step Into Leadership.  Join at the Cornerstone level today by pledging $500 and committing to a $250 increase per year for the next two years.

(2) Cornerstone Giving.  Join at the Cornerstone level today by pledging $1,000-$9,999 annually.

(3) Tocqueville.  Join at the Tocqueville level today with an annual pledge of $10,000, or start with a step-up gift of $5,000.

Gifts may be made through your workplace campaign or as an individual gift. Designation rules of the Tocqueville Societies are applicable.

Thank you for your investment as part of the Greater Greensboro legal community! 

For more information please Contact Seth Steele, Relationship Manager with United Way of Greater Greensboro, at 336.378.5037 or